Being Serendipity


I like being the serendipity for others, especially on our beloved bike trips, where we’re on a quest in a foreign land, on unknown routes and paths, for adventure feasts of the senses worth recounting over glasses of wine and dinner each evening with our pilgrim podmates.

Some of the best stories we literally bring to the dinner table are the ones of serendipity following hardship. Because we almost to a person fail to ever bother to get in shape and train before the trip begins, there is legendary hardship at the beginning of every trip… in fact, all throughout the trip, because we still aren’t even fit by the end of 10 days or so, not enough to avoid hardship. Remarkably, we continue to somehow be surprised when these hardships involve near heat stroke and heart attack, getting lost and despairing of ever returning to the home and loved ones or even just…

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