The viennese spirit of the Gemischter Satz

Leticia Nöbauer

So – I am a freshly baked blogger and I just realized that there is a challenge going on: the monthly wine writing challenge #MWWC14 so I decided to take a goal on it. For me it is a great opportunity to get to know more people who have the same interests that I have.

Since the theme chosen is TRADITION and since I have been living in Austria for almost 9 years and I learned to drink wine here, I would like to join you guys and present you Gemischter Satz!


What is a Gemischter Satz?

The Gemischter Satz is a traditional wine, typical from Austria and from Germany. But in contrast to what many people think, Gemischter Satz is not a blended wine. A blend means that different varietals and vintages of wines are going to be mixed after the vinification. The aim is to achieve a great wine by exploring…

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