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Family, Wine & Tradition: A New Generation of California Wine Makers



This is my entry into the Monthy Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC14.) This month’s theme, chosen by last month’s winner, Bill of Duff’s Wines is “tradition.” I could have written more than anyone would care to read, and probably have. However, I was so inspired by this theme and the story I chose to share, I hope you bear with me and my lengthy tome. If you want to cut to the chase, the wine reviews are at the bottom, but you’ll be missing out on all the insanely interesting content in between. Just sayin.


Tradition can be ceremonial, a societal rite, a commitment between friends, a practice between professionals. Tradition can be a declaration of allegiance that marks a time and place with displays of national or cultural heritage. What is the common thread? It is ritual, it unites and establishes an identity and depending how strong the tradition, it can survive passages of time spanning centuries.

One can hardly argue that historically the strongest traditions are…

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#MWWC14 – Screw Tradition

Duff's Wines

wine-stain1-3There’s a self-abusive yet strangely entertaining monthly event in wine writing circles called the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. This month the theme is “Tradition”. Now, before you suggest that it may seem unfair that I’d choose the theme and then write a post. I feel like I have something to say about traditions in wine. I read with interest The Food and Wine Hedonist’s take on the theme of “Tradition” – traditions with wine that we should keep and ones that we should discard. The Drunken Cyclist spoke of three overdue traditions. You can read it here. It got me to thinking, “There sure are some very bad wine traditions that need changing. Let’s form a protest group”

First let me say, that I am of the generation that had the luxury of protest without consequence. Protest was valued. We marched on Parliament Hill to protest the War Measures…

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Taking on Tradition (#MWWC14 Entry)

Still Searching For My First Growth


The theme of #MWWC14 this month immediately reminded me that from childhood, I have disliked Fiddler on the Roof.
It seems like our family saw it every year, at the same dinner theater.  Where everything was served medium rare.  The roast beef.  The potatoes.  
The apple pie.
If you have forgotten the story, here’s a highlight from Wikipedia.
It’s about a stubborn father, who stands in the way of his three daughters’ happiness by fighting their impending nuptials.  Not because he disagrees with their fiances’s morals or character.  But because tradition dictates that their life partners should be arranged by others in authority.
Let’s face facts.  When you’re twelve years old, siding with #TeamTevye is like rooting for the Yankees.  At any age.
A Facebook friend of mine, Lindsey Cook, shared this touching story from her childhood recently:


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The Tradition of Amarone for #MWWC


This article is my entry for January’s #MWWC. As a reminder, the #MWWC was created by MWWCThe Drunken Cyclist to encourage exploration and innovation in wine blogging. As is tradition, last month’s winner Duff’s Wines choses the following month’s theme. This month’s theme is Tradition. To learn more about #MWWC click here; to read all the entries follow #MWWC on Twitter.

Anteprima Amarone 2011 DOCGThe theme of “tradition” draws me back to the wonderful Valpolicella adventure I had last fall and one of my favorite wine making traditions: Amarone! With the 12th annual Anteprima Amarone release happening January 31- February 1; featuring Amarone from 64 winery members of Consorzio Tutela Vini Valpolicella I thought now would be a perfect time to revisit the tradition of one of the world’s most beloved wines.

Amarone is unique in both its labor intensive making process as well as the time it takes to produce…

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Family Tradition

The Epicurious Texan

This month’s wine writing challenge is Traditions, and I can’t think of a better way to honor tradition than to tell you how I got into drinking wine. Really drinking wine, that is–not the sneaking sips out of everyone’s glass when nobody was looking wine drinking…


Picture it: Holland 1994 (and before you write in correcting me that it should be The Netherlands, please know that I lived in the province of Zuid-Holland, so…Holland).  I was a Rotary International exchange student. Even though “no drinking” was one of the five major rules of being an exchange student, I had the great fortune of having host families who took that to mean no excessive drinking when they were not around. Nearly every evening meal included libations of some sort (beer was an equally popular choice). My counselor’s family preferred beer and sweet sherry. My first host family loved white wines, especially…

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