#MWWC14 Reminder!

the drunken cyclist

wine-stain1-3Last month in this space, I lamented the fact that basketball season had started and that I would be coaching both my sons’ teams. I was concerned not about the basketball (I was a varsity high school head coach for ten years), but rather about my sons. First, they are not all that athletic, and worse, they are not all that competitive. While I might suffer from the former, I am certainly not lacking in the latter. So on the eve of the basketball season, I was a bit concerned that my sons would soon see me for the nut-job competitive freak that I really am (somehow I have been able to hide that fact from them until now).

Well, I am not sure if they see me that way at this point, but the combined record of the two teams is currently 8-1 with the sole loss coming in…

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