MWWC #13: Tradition

The Wine Raconteur

“At three I started Hebrew school; at ten I learned a trade.
I hear they picked a Bride for me, I hope she’s pretty.
The Sons. The Sons.

“You’ve either got or you haven’t got style.
A hats not a hat, ‘til it’s tilted.
A flowers not a flower, if it’s wilted.”

wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge

It is that time again for another Monthly Wine Writers Challenge and this is the thirteenth challenge, and the theme was suggested by Duff’s Wines, and the theme is “tradition.” You will have to excuse me, but each time I looked at this word, those two songs kept popping into my head and a couple of the other more creative Wine Bloggers that I follow would have had some great videos inserted into the article, but I guess I am a bit technologically challenged.

Ch Pichon Lalande 1964

I have been steeped in tradition of all types. My nationality has many…

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