The Tradition of Amarone for #MWWC


This article is my entry for January’s #MWWC. As a reminder, the #MWWC was created by MWWCThe Drunken Cyclist to encourage exploration and innovation in wine blogging. As is tradition, last month’s winner Duff’s Wines choses the following month’s theme. This month’s theme is Tradition. To learn more about #MWWC click here; to read all the entries follow #MWWC on Twitter.

Anteprima Amarone 2011 DOCGThe theme of “tradition” draws me back to the wonderful Valpolicella adventure I had last fall and one of my favorite wine making traditions: Amarone! With the 12th annual Anteprima Amarone release happening January 31- February 1; featuring Amarone from 64 winery members of Consorzio Tutela Vini Valpolicella I thought now would be a perfect time to revisit the tradition of one of the world’s most beloved wines.

Amarone is unique in both its labor intensive making process as well as the time it takes to produce…

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