Taking on Tradition (#MWWC14 Entry)

Still Searching For My First Growth


The theme of #MWWC14 this month immediately reminded me that from childhood, I have disliked Fiddler on the Roof.
It seems like our family saw it every year, at the same dinner theater.  Where everything was served medium rare.  The roast beef.  The potatoes.  
The apple pie.
If you have forgotten the story, here’s a highlight from Wikipedia.
It’s about a stubborn father, who stands in the way of his three daughters’ happiness by fighting their impending nuptials.  Not because he disagrees with their fiances’s morals or character.  But because tradition dictates that their life partners should be arranged by others in authority.
Let’s face facts.  When you’re twelve years old, siding with #TeamTevye is like rooting for the Yankees.  At any age.
A Facebook friend of mine, Lindsey Cook, shared this touching story from her childhood recently:


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