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A Brut Rosé For Valentine’s Day & A Pink Dinner Extravaganza!


Valentine’s day, as we know it, has evolved into just another feat of extreme consumerism. So what is my point? Well, it wasn’t always the holiday of paper hearts and cupids. Valentine’s Day has a storied past dating to Ancient Rome and the Lupercalia which was an archaic rite connected to fertility. As the years passed, Christians, persecuted and martyred, became the subject of liturgical celebration, thus several St. Valentinus were anointed through the ages.

acac5e5f5d9ca8930b4927f1e597a82a Saucy Victoriana: This card embarrasses me, I sure hope they are engaged. Obviously they are not married with children.

The association to romantic love can be attributed to Chaucer in the 13c. Incoherent by today’s educational standards, his Middle English poetic prose spun tales of courtly love that laid the foundation for our modern day customs. But popularity was a slow, slow build, like my Twitter following, until 500 years later (like my Twitter following) in 18th-century England, St. Valentine’s Day became an occasion. Expressions of love through…

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