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Success #MWWC15

Dopest Wine Taster

My first post-college year has unsurprisingly been one of subdued success. The most notable, that I haven’t crashed my dad’s empty nest party and that my job lets me occasionally schmooze with the wine distributors. Also, I started this blog.

Before continuing, I should introduce myself. My name is Ryly and this is my first time participating in #MWWC15. This January, when I first launched my WordPress I was lucky enough to stumble across the participants of this challenge which provided a wonderful opportunity to see how other people were writing and talking about wine.


Since I’m young, like young enough that I shouldn’t be able to talk, write, or act like I know anything whatsoever about wine, booze or the world, I decided to focus on what makes a succesful bottle of wine to me. From the eyes of the lowliest little wine peasant here is a little about…

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Koreans and Success

the drunken cyclist

As many of you may know, my wife is Korean, not a “Fresh off the Boat” type of Korean (she was born in the U.S.), but still 100% and in-tune with Korean customs, culture, and to a certain extent, language (but that is for another discussion on a different blog). Over the course of our 15 year relationship, I have come to learn a few things about Koreans: they value family above everything else, they are very hospitable, and they have this sixth sense that is truly remarkable.

wine-stain1-3What sixth sense? I call it Koreadar (pronounced KO-ree-dar), which enables them to know when a Korean has experienced success in athletics, a Korean-American has been elected to some sort of position in this country (no matter how small), or another Korean is in our immediate vicinity (approximately a one-mile radius).

I have witnessed this phenomenon several times in the past 15 years…

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A Fortune, Wrapped in a Cookie, Inside a Winery



I had finally made it into the big time. I won the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge after my 5th painstaking entry, but I wasn’t ready for the trappings of success. Elated and under the influence of wine, Dolcelatte and celeriac-fennel bisque, I bought cars, jewelry, villas, exotic pets and uncomfortable shoes. I thought I had it good. I thought I was a “baller” (for my international readers, that is a term of hubris in the US – not one of buggery.) Until I hit the bottom of my barrel, and I was over oaked. I was deceiving myself if I believed I was the artisinal toast of the town. I was a Diet Coked-up, punctuality challenged phony in this diabolically friendly competition of utter comraderie. Who was I fooling? Not The Drunken Cyclist.

He and my other wine bloggy buddies staged a compassionate, discreet intervention on Twitter. Only days since my infamous #MWWC14 win, Drunko Cycle-Boy…

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The Epicurious Texan

This month’s wine writing challenge, Success, was selected by my BFF (that would be blogger friend forever), Loie of CheapWineCurious, as a result of winning last month’s challenge. I would like to interject that the BFF title was self-appointed by me.  I’m sure Loie is currently reaching for her phone to send my information to all law enforcement west of the Mississippi…


Success is a drinkable bottle of wine.

I am a wine drinker.  And by that, I mean, I am not a wine collector.  Sure, I have a few very special bottles that I have saved over the years–but most of them are deemed special because the winemaker has signed the bottle for me.


But I do not buy wine to lay it down for years and years, delicately babying it until the moment it is perfect to open and decant and blah, blah, blah.  Not that I think…

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