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Koreans and Success

the drunken cyclist

As many of you may know, my wife is Korean, not a “Fresh off the Boat” type of Korean (she was born in the U.S.), but still 100% and in-tune with Korean customs, culture, and to a certain extent, language (but that is for another discussion on a different blog). Over the course of our 15 year relationship, I have come to learn a few things about Koreans: they value family above everything else, they are very hospitable, and they have this sixth sense that is truly remarkable.

wine-stain1-3What sixth sense? I call it Koreadar (pronounced KO-ree-dar), which enables them to know when a Korean has experienced success in athletics, a Korean-American has been elected to some sort of position in this country (no matter how small), or another Korean is in our immediate vicinity (approximately a one-mile radius).

I have witnessed this phenomenon several times in the past 15 years…

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A Fortune, Wrapped in a Cookie, Inside a Winery



I had finally made it into the big time. I won the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge after my 5th painstaking entry, but I wasn’t ready for the trappings of success. Elated and under the influence of wine, Dolcelatte and celeriac-fennel bisque, I bought cars, jewelry, villas, exotic pets and uncomfortable shoes. I thought I had it good. I thought I was a “baller” (for my international readers, that is a term of hubris in the US – not one of buggery.) Until I hit the bottom of my barrel, and I was over oaked. I was deceiving myself if I believed I was the artisinal toast of the town. I was a Diet Coked-up, punctuality challenged phony in this diabolically friendly competition of utter comraderie. Who was I fooling? Not The Drunken Cyclist.

He and my other wine bloggy buddies staged a compassionate, discreet intervention on Twitter. Only days since my infamous #MWWC14 win, Drunko Cycle-Boy…

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The Epicurious Texan

This month’s wine writing challenge, Success, was selected by my BFF (that would be blogger friend forever), Loie of CheapWineCurious, as a result of winning last month’s challenge. I would like to interject that the BFF title was self-appointed by me.  I’m sure Loie is currently reaching for her phone to send my information to all law enforcement west of the Mississippi…


Success is a drinkable bottle of wine.

I am a wine drinker.  And by that, I mean, I am not a wine collector.  Sure, I have a few very special bottles that I have saved over the years–but most of them are deemed special because the winemaker has signed the bottle for me.


But I do not buy wine to lay it down for years and years, delicately babying it until the moment it is perfect to open and decant and blah, blah, blah.  Not that I think…

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Griffy on Wine

#MWWC15  wine-stain1-3

“Look at all my trials and tribulations, sinking in a gentle pool of wine, don’t disturb me now I can see the answer, till this evening is this morning life is fine.” I’ve always received comfort from those lyrics from Jesus Christ Superstar.  Well it’s called a challenge and so it is, the theme is “Success.” I think the only thing I know about success is how to live without it, and enjoy it with others when they achieve it.

Even that statement isn’t exactly true. One of the quotes on success that I found from David Brinkley says, “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the the bricks others have thrown at him.” Over the years I’ve built quite a foundation and like the Elton John song says, “I’m still standing.”

Wine is my Balm of Gilead. Over the past three years I…

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MWWC #15: Success

The Wine Raconteur

The latest of the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge themes has been proffered. The theme is to be “success.” I have been pondering this theme for several days trying to come up with a suitable way to tackle it. It is a real poser when it comes to wine and how to apply. I have even taken a sabbatical from my usual reading of other Wine Blogs, until I could come up with something that I am happy about, and I am not happy about not reading everyone’s writings, but I did not want to be influenced by someone else’s take on the subject. I will be back to reading shortly, I promise.

wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge

Success in wine, the obvious is to write about the winners of the Classification of 1855 for the Medoc, which by and large is still true to this day. Then one could append this with the success of…

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