Griffy on Wine

#MWWC15  wine-stain1-3

“Look at all my trials and tribulations, sinking in a gentle pool of wine, don’t disturb me now I can see the answer, till this evening is this morning life is fine.” I’ve always received comfort from those lyrics from Jesus Christ Superstar.  Well it’s called a challenge and so it is, the theme is “Success.” I think the only thing I know about success is how to live without it, and enjoy it with others when they achieve it.

Even that statement isn’t exactly true. One of the quotes on success that I found from David Brinkley says, “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the the bricks others have thrown at him.” Over the years I’ve built quite a foundation and like the Elton John song says, “I’m still standing.”

Wine is my Balm of Gilead. Over the past three years I…

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