Success #MWWC15

Dopest Wine Taster

My first post-college year has unsurprisingly been one of subdued success. The most notable, that I haven’t crashed my dad’s empty nest party and that my job lets me occasionally schmooze with the wine distributors. Also, I started this blog.

Before continuing, I should introduce myself. My name is Ryly and this is my first time participating in #MWWC15. This January, when I first launched my WordPress I was lucky enough to stumble across the participants of this challenge which provided a wonderful opportunity to see how other people were writing and talking about wine.


Since I’m young, like young enough that I shouldn’t be able to talk, write, or act like I know anything whatsoever about wine, booze or the world, I decided to focus on what makes a succesful bottle of wine to me. From the eyes of the lowliest little wine peasant here is a little about…

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