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Success, as evasive as a great wine


wine-stain1-3Both the indefinable and the elusive torment and motivate us humans. We can spend a lifetime pursuing success or the perfect wine, approaching both but rarely reaching either.

Success and good wine share many qualities; neither are as simple as money. Many rich folks are failures in the rest of their lives, and we all have opened a bottle that cost more than we should have spent, only to be disappointed. As difficult as it may be to establish parameters for success and wine, if we are honest we must conclude that the essences of both are assessed more by the heart than by the mind.

Finding and defining success is ambiguous at best, subjective at the least. I remember once in my youth a friend of my father’s, a bit influenced by libation’s effects, saying, “If you have five good friends in your life you are a success.” The…

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