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Finishing each and every drop MWWC#16

Dopest Wine Taster

Finish: the essence, the taste that lingers, what your pallet remembers, the final nature of the wine, the cosmic essence, the long awaited end to a run on sentence…


More complex, higher quality wines have a longer finish right? So since we finished our bottle fast and it was therefor finished longer it must have been high quality?

Ok. I promise I’m finished with all the stupid word play. But seriously, even while juggling my job in the warehouse and contributing beer & wine reviews to the local Rogue Valley Messenger, Fern and I have managed to finish some prettey great bottles of wine, and each tasting had interesting and different finishes.

One of the great things about working in the periphery of the wine business is every once and a while I get some great kickdowns. Bottles not on your normal tasting menu that I would never, ever otherwise…

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When I Reach the Finish Line

the drunken cyclist

Gary Temple--one of the kindest souls I have ever met. Gary Temple–one of the kindest souls I have ever met.

Those of you who read every word of my blog (I am not sure if that person exists, but regardless…), know that I went back “home” this weekend for the memorial service of a very dear friend of mine. His name was Gary Temple, and I first met him when I was in his sixth grade classroom.

He started out as my teacher, then a father-figure, and eventually a dear friend. He died a few weeks ago and shortly afterwards I was asked if I wanted to speak at the memorial service. I do not know if there is anyone that ever wants to speak at a funeral, after all it means that the subject of the talk is no longer alive, but for me, I felt like I needed to speak.

I guess a part of me felt guilty…

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MWWC # 16: Finish

The Wine Raconteur

It is hard to believe that this is the Sixteenth Wine Writers Challenge, which is a way to shake us Wine Bloggers from our ennui and make us think and write about something in a different way. “JVB Uncorked” won the last challenge and his prize was to pick out the new theme; and the theme is “Finish.”

wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge

I have been putting off writing this exercise, because unlike most of the community of wine writers, I do not tend to write about how a wine tastes, the nose (or the aroma) of a wine unless it is very striking. And I very seldom write about the finish of the wine. While I may wax poetic about wines, it is about the setting to me that makes the wine memorable, yes there have been some exceptions, but I try not to belabor the descriptors. I feel silly writing about “wet leather,”…

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Finish Versus The World


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