Finishing each and every drop MWWC#16

Dopest Wine Taster

Finish: the essence, the taste that lingers, what your pallet remembers, the final nature of the wine, the cosmic essence, the long awaited end to a run on sentence…


More complex, higher quality wines have a longer finish right? So since we finished our bottle fast and it was therefor finished longer it must have been high quality?

Ok. I promise I’m finished with all the stupid word play. But seriously, even while juggling my job in the warehouse and contributing beer & wine reviews to the local Rogue Valley Messenger, Fern and I have managed to finish some prettey great bottles of wine, and each tasting had interesting and different finishes.

One of the great things about working in the periphery of the wine business is every once and a while I get some great kickdowns. Bottles not on your normal tasting menu that I would never, ever otherwise…

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