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Unexpected Wine Epiphany #MWWC17


“Epiphany” defines this Monthly Wine Writing Chalange #MWWC17.

mwwc mwwc13Now, a few wines have lit that invisible light bulb over my head to heights nearing high holy, magi-gifting, Catholic-levels of exultation. You know, where the Jesus light pours from cherub-filled clouds shaking everything you thought you knew, just as your nose neared that magnificent glass: that kind of epiphany.

But my greatest wine epiphany came from a bottle I never tried.

Back in 2009, I had finally shed my career in archaeology. The travel and research had been great, but the field’s future was bleak. Chance (and my wife) landed me in Saratoga Springs.

One day I walked out of a job fair, told to go back to academia, that I was over qualified for any normal job. I trudged home but then sighted a Help Wanted sign. Excavating for  five summers in Italy had turned my blood into Sangiovese.  Putnam Wine hired me for the…

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ADVineTURES: 1982 Chateau Haut Brion & Two Epiphanies

We have another great entry into this month’s Challenge (#MWWC17) from Allison and Chris, at ADVineTURES, another first time entrant in the Challenge!

You can check out their entry here:

1982 Chateau Haut Brion & Two Epiphanies

Thanks for another great entry!

MWWC #17: Epiphany

The Epicurious Texan

This month’s wine writing challenge is Epiphany, as selected by last month’s winner John, The Wine Raconteur.  The first thing that came to mind was The Burgundy.  But I feel quite certain you are sick of hearing about it….so, I thought I’d be bold and try something else.


The second best thing about working in a wine tasting room is proving people wrong helping people try new things they were sure they hated.

BTW, I’d like to insert that if you didn’t know the best thing about working in a wine tasting room is drinking wine, then get out of my life–I don’t need that kind of negativity.

But back to proving people wrong helping people try new things they were sure they hated.  It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing.  When it comes to wine, this is a rather fun challenge.  I don’t do it to be cantankerous. I…

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MWWC #17: Epiphany

The Wine Raconteur

Epiphany in the religious concept is of the Magi and the manifestation of Christ on January 6, which is known around my house as Armenian Christmas. Epiphany in regard to the Monthly Wine Writers Challenge will use another definition, that of insight or revelation. Since I had the good fortune of getting to pick the word for this challenge, I figured I better write my article sooner then later, though I have already seen a couple of articles already. I might add that I can be rather nostalgic about wines, because I have had the chance to try a lot of wines over the years, and if you have even remotely read some of my articles I bounce around from the past to the present with no rhyme or reason. When I started college the Age of Majority had changed to eighteen and when I turned twenty-one, so had the…

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Mother’s Day Epiphany: Running for My Life in Heels Drinking Champagne


Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 12.28.12 AM

Voila! Has been a while, but I am happy to present my entry into the #MWWC17. At this very moment, my husband is pleading for me to feed the family before they all perish, therefore, I must commence with my entry inspired by the theme “epiphany” selected by last month’s winner The Wine Raconteur. Amusez-vous bien!

A traditional mother’s day usually consists of breakfast in bed prepared lovingly by the father of someone’s children and don’t forget the handmade cards awkwardly assembled with the love and charm of a small child. Maybe there is a thoughtful gift; a fragrant soap, rare cookbooks, hand embroidered aprons and personalized wooden spoons. The fancier moms may receive a gift certificate to a spa or their favorite tattoo parlour. Thereafter, you may head out with the kiddies in tow to a brunch, a garden party, a luncheon at the club or a dinner with the in-laws.

My epiphany was…

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Is There an Epiphany For The Oenophile?


MWWC_logoThis post is an entry for the 17th Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC17), with the theme of “Epiphany”. Previous themes in the order of appearance were: Transportation, Trouble, Possession, Oops, Feast, Mystery, Devotion, Luck, Fear, Value, Friend, Local, Serendipity, Tradition, Success, Finish.

I have to admit – when it comes to the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge, I don’t have a straight record. I participated in many, but definitely not all. Of course lots of it has to do with the theme. Some of them I loved initially, only to find out that they are much harder than I thought (MWWC16 “finish” would be a perfect example). Then there were some which seemed difficult from the get go, and they didn’t disappoint (”devotion” would be my favorite example of an extremely difficult theme). But the key word here is “Challenge”, so let’s just roll with the punches, shall we?

Epiphany is…

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Wine Epiphany – MWWC#17


mwwc logo

I read earlier in the week that wine blogging is dead.


This is bad news as my wine blog is only 5 months old, but happily, it seems the average time for a wine blog to operate before fatigue sets in can be something like 6 years, so I’ve still got a little way to go. A quick Google, initially to rediscover the article that I had misplaced, filled the page with a slurry of articles all predicting in equality the promising future or the sad demise of the wine blog. Some even offered up an obituary for the medium.

When faced with the question of Epiphany in wine from the MWWC I’m going to take it at face value – a standout moment of clarity that changed me from that point on. As a long time imbiber, I’m going to have to think way back. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. There’s…

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