Unexpected Wine Epiphany #MWWC17


“Epiphany” defines this Monthly Wine Writing Chalange #MWWC17.

mwwc mwwc13Now, a few wines have lit that invisible light bulb over my head to heights nearing high holy, magi-gifting, Catholic-levels of exultation. You know, where the Jesus light pours from cherub-filled clouds shaking everything you thought you knew, just as your nose neared that magnificent glass: that kind of epiphany.

But my greatest wine epiphany came from a bottle I never tried.

Back in 2009, I had finally shed my career in archaeology. The travel and research had been great, but the field’s future was bleak. Chance (and my wife) landed me in Saratoga Springs.

One day I walked out of a job fair, told to go back to academia, that I was over qualified for any normal job. I trudged home but then sighted a Help Wanted sign. Excavating for  five summers in Italy had turned my blood into Sangiovese.  Putnam Wine hired me for the…

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