MWWC #18: Crisis

The Diagonal Oenophile

(This is an entry for the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge–theme: crisis.)

How do you act when someone treats you badly? Do you confront them? Do you shut them out of your life? Or do you continue your relationship with them because you have to?

As a female wine geek, these are the questions I ask myself regularly as I delve further and further into my studies.

Because you see, the wine industry is mostly men—some sensitive…and some less. Some are inclusive of women, but some say or do things so worrisome as to make me wonder if they have any female friends at all.

So I’m faced with a crisis that is twofold. First, when a famous man (winemaker, writer, etc.) says or does something disappointing, which of the above options do I take? Do I confront them? Do I stop reading them or drinking their wine? Or do…

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