MWWC #18: Crisis

The Wine Raconteur

Here we are the Eighteenth Monthly Wine Writing Challenge, and the winner of the last one was Wayward Wine from my theme of “epiphany” and the new theme is “crisis.” As with all the challenges, the concept is to make us stretch from our normal writing styles and accept a theme that we all write on, from our own unique perspectives.

wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge

There are many avenues of crisis that one could address, of course the original one, that most of us immediately think of is phylloxera. Phylloxera is a plant louse that unwittingly came over on American rootstock and eventually decimated most of the vineyards in Europe. The most successful way to combat this louse was to graft vitis vinifera wines to American rootstocks, and this worked so well, that I have read that most wines around the world now are of this technique. This louse was so devastating to France…

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