#MWWC18: Crisis

Elizabeth Smith

Monthly Wine Writing Challenge Monthly Wine Writing Challenge

It was one week into the start of classes, fall semester 2012, when human resources contacted me to set up a meeting. As soon as the meeting was requested, my gut told me it wasn’t good. I told my teaching colleagues about the meeting and said, “I’m going to be let go.” They all flatly denied it. I mean, after all, I had taught for 23 years with stellar annual evaluations, I taught two languages, I was Faculty Senate President, and I was well known across Virginia as an innovator and leader, being one of the first faculty members to teach nontraditional courses via compressed video, then later, online.

Although three years have passed, I still remember sitting in the office with the director of human resources, the Vice President of Instruction, and the President. He handed me the letter saying my position was being eliminated due to a budgetary reduction…

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