Exploring Wine making Choices with #MWWC


Our lives are filled with choices. Do you chose to drink coffee or tea in the morning? If coffee do you chose to drink it with cream and sugar or black? What toppings do you chose to put on pizza? Do you chose action thriller movies or romantic comedies? Chances are if we were aware of the millions of choices we make each day we would be completely overwhelmed. Thankfully many of choices become rote. Winemaking is also filled with choices. Wine is a craft that involves farming, science, and art, and at each of these stages the winemaker is faced with a number of choices. This month’s Monthly Wine Writing Challenge topic is “Choices.” The topic was chosen by last month’s winner Elizabeth Smith, the “Traveling Wine Chick.” Let’s take some time together to explore a few of the many choices involved in winemaking.

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