MWWC #19: Choice

The Wine Raconteur

wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge It is time for another foray into the Monthly Wine Writers Challenge and the last winner was Elizabeth of Traveling Wine Chick with her excellent essay, and as the winner she selected our next theme of “choice.” Immediately I had a choice, do I look up the word on the internet or do I go into my library and look up the word in my huge Webster Dictionary that sits on its own stand waiting to be used again. I am old school, so it was the book that got my attention. The main definitions of choice are: selection, opportunity, specially selected and carefully picked (superior).  The easiest part of this essay is done and now the reasons for the wine labels will become apparent.

Ch Margaux 1961 Margaux

There were many ways for me to tackle this subject and the first was all the choices that our esteemed wineries have to make, but…

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