What Variety Propels – #MWWC20


This will be my first Monthly Wine Writers Challenge (#MWWC20), and I’m excited to finally be putting a piece of my own into this mix after months of reading previous entertaining and talented entries. This months challenge theme is: Variety.

wine-stain1-3 VARIETY

Anyone who suffers from indecision dreads variety, and certainly drowns in the world of wine.

There’s an inexhaustible amount of wine in the world, but how could we not want just one more bottle? With over 10,000 grape varietals available to experiment with, and ‘freshly pressed’ winemakers with new innovative ideas, creating curious new libations for us to try, creating one more bottle sounds reasonable. I admit, every time I open a bottle it’s like Christmas morning! With every bottle I’m giddy with wonder, and can’t wait to explore the wine with all of my senses! The color, the aroma, the texture, the taste! I love the whole experience, so of course…

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