Variety: The Saving Grace to Wine!

jvb uncorked

Variety: The Saving Grace to Wine! #MWWC20


I expect you have a current favorite type of wine. When people ask me (not sure why, but it seems to be a common question) I might admit that in a given moment I have four or five, but they are constantly changing. One day I might have a favorite dry white, a favorite sweeter white, a favorite white blend. If I spend time considering the cellar holdings versus what’s in front of me at the moment, I’ll realize I have a current “every day” favorite in red, a favorite single vineyard red, a current favorite bordeaux, and a favorite alternative- for several years it was Rioja, but I’m currently deep in Barolo. And I can’t forget that I usually have a favorite sweet wine- last spring it was Eiswine, but I’m back on my Sauternes kick.

The fun part is that my…

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