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Vino Travels: The Variety of Italian Wines

We have another great entry into this month’s Challenge (#MWWC20) from a relative newcomer to the Challenge, Vino Travels. This is her second entry into the Challenge.

You can check out the entry here:

The Variety of Italian Wines

Thanks for another great entry!

MWWC 20: Variety

The Wine Raconteur

“Variety is the spice of life, that gives its flavor,” the oft quoted line from William Cowper and is the perfect opening line for the Twentieth Monthly Wine Writers Challenge. It is hard to believe that twenty of these challenges have occurred and the themes alone have been quite varied.

wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge

Variety to a wine drinker is almost universal, at least to the people that I know that drink wine. I know some that only drink French wine, but the selection of wines from that esteemed country is almost limitless, when you start listing the regions, the sub-regions and the varietals that one can find there. Just the thought of trying all of the wineries in the Medoc would be an awesome goal, but then as you start exploring outward from there, the variety would be a lifetime pursuit. Wines can be red, white, orange and rose, and then if one…

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Member 1,555 – A variety of varieties – #MWWC20


The following essay is my submission for this months Wine Writing Challenge.

mwwc logo

Just over a year ago, whilst idly browsing wine sites on the internet, I saw something that made me bristle with excitement – ‘The Wine Century Club’ (  Listed as a fun and adventurous approach to trying new wines and creating a record of your vinious experiences, the club was set up by Steve De Long of the De Long winery, and was open to anyone who has tried at least 100 different grape varieties.  As I write this essay, it has over 1,600 members worldwide.

Researching what it was all about and when it was set up, my enthusiasm was slightly dulled by reading comments from people who didn’t seem to understand why you would participate.  They were eager to point out that there was little reason as you didn’t really learn anything from the…

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What Variety Propels – #MWWC20


This will be my first Monthly Wine Writers Challenge (#MWWC20), and I’m excited to finally be putting a piece of my own into this mix after months of reading previous entertaining and talented entries. This months challenge theme is: Variety.

wine-stain1-3 VARIETY

Anyone who suffers from indecision dreads variety, and certainly drowns in the world of wine.

There’s an inexhaustible amount of wine in the world, but how could we not want just one more bottle? With over 10,000 grape varietals available to experiment with, and ‘freshly pressed’ winemakers with new innovative ideas, creating curious new libations for us to try, creating one more bottle sounds reasonable. I admit, every time I open a bottle it’s like Christmas morning! With every bottle I’m giddy with wonder, and can’t wait to explore the wine with all of my senses! The color, the aroma, the texture, the taste! I love the whole experience, so of course…

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