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Oversold and Underappreciated Premise of Wine Pairing


MWWC_logoThis post is an entry for the 21st Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC21), with the theme of “Pairing”. Previous themes in the order of appearance were: Transportation, Trouble, Possession, Oops, Feast, Mystery, Devotion, Luck, Fear, Value, Friend, Local, Serendipity, Tradition, Success, Finish, Epiphany, Crisis, Choice, Variety.

Let’s start from the mini quiz – is food and wine pairing an art or a science? Or is it neither and the question makes no sense?

I’m sure you can successfully argue both sides, as they do in debate competitions. Technically, cooking process is based on science – heat conduction, protein’s reaction to heat and cold, combining acid and alkaline – we can go on and on, of course the scientific approach to the food and then the pairing can be argued very well. But one and the same dish can be flawlessly composed from the scientific point of view – think about…

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MWWC #21: Pairing

The Wine Raconteur

“Red wine with fish. Well that should have told me something.”
“You may know the right wines, but you’re the one on your knees. How does it feel old man?”

That exchange was from the second James Bond film “From Russia with Love” in 1963 and I was just nine years old at the time. It was an eye opener for me, at such a young age, especially since I had seen the first film at age eight. Here was a world that was totally new to me and there were rules about dining that I never even knew about. Jim of JVB Uncorked won last month’s Monthly Wine Writers Challenge and the new theme that he decided on was “pairing.”

wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge

As I read more and more Wine Blogs and other articles, I have discovered that I am a bridge between the old days when few people drank wines and…

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MWWC 21: Perfect Pairings to the Perfect Pairings



I’m not skint, but I’m not exactly feeling flush either. A year after leaving gainful employment to join the wine industry and things have gone pretty well. I’m feeling a lot less like an amateur having a go, and a bit more like I know what I’m doing and what I’m talking about. Well, to an extent anyway. But as with any start up business, you don’t exactly get a shed load of money back out initially. So the belt needs tightening here and there. 

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Pairing flavours (and wine)

Fiona's Favourites

Sometimes ideas for dishes take a while to “brew”.  So it was with last week’s butternut ravioli with burnt sage butter.  Having spent five years at boarding school where Sunday lunch was, without fail, roast chicken with sage and onion stuffing, sage and I were seriously overdone – for about thirty years.  Not long after I started cooking for The Husband, I discovered that he had a similar aversion:  his Mama had only ever stuffed (up) her chicken the same way.  A good start:  at least one thing in common!

There is something quite different about the flavour of dried herbs:  generally they lose most, if not all their flavour.  Sage, it seems (to me, anyway), is the proverbial exception to prove the rule, and all those packaged stuffings just taste of sage and little else.  Not difficult to avoid, as I think I’ve mentioned before!

With this in mind, I…

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A Pairing Dilemma…Bacon S’Mores?

Humble Wine Snob

imageI was invited to participate in a Wine Writing Challenge which you can find hereand the theme is “Pairing.” Pairingisan easy topic for wine as we’re always trying to figure out what wine goes with what food. It’s even gone so far as to pairing wines with movies, moods, colors, and erectile dysfunction (yes, you read it right…check out HoseMaster of Wine’s tongue-in-cheek articlehere). In my case, I had a pairing crisis…

Okay…maybe not really a crisis. No one was bleeding to death, a national disaster wasn’t determined. We were at Bacon Festa couple of weeks ago in Easton, Pennsylvania. There is actually a festival entirely about bacon. Bacon in every form imaginable and even some you can’t. Bacon bloody mary’s, bacon croissants, bacon smoothies, bacon empanadas, bacon bourbon shots, bacon waffles, bacon poutine, bacon ice cream, bacon hats, bacon costumes, bacon themed t-shirts, and so…

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The Sound of Wine – #MWWC21


The Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (MWWC21) theme for this month, chosen by the last winner JVB Uncorked, is Pairing.

wine-stain1-3 PAIRING

When asked to consider the term pairing in relation to wine many will beeline right to the subject of food. But as of late food isn’t the only thing we find ourselves paring wine with. There has been a large amount of tasters, novice and expert, interested in how wine pairs with other topics such as music, art, label design, social surroundings, and more. It seems that people don’t just want to drink for the sake of enjoying a wine as much as they want it to entertain them as well. Are these pairings a sign that we’re trying to make wine more interesting, and if so, when did it get boring? …a valid question, but I digress. These pairings focus on synaesthesia, specifically how our…

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