Wine: Is There Such Thing As A Perfect Pairing?



My brother-in-law was over recently, relaxing on a fall Sunday in the easy chair by the basket of magazines. He read from an old Wine Spectator (M Chapoutier was on the cover, a saved gem). “It says here, don’t serve a special wine with Thanksgiving dinner.” We went on to chat about the value of pulling something from the cellar to serve with a multi-taste, multi-guest meal. And yes, there is the purist’s value to flawless pairings and well-chosen uncorkings. Agreed, I’d hate to waste a bottle of Clos de Mouches on a pumpkin pie all-spiced up to it’s ears…but…

I’m one of those people that thinks wine is fun. F-word application to wine. Fun.

Might be fun to serve a few special bottles and let the chips fall where they may. Might be fun to introduce my beer-only niece to the best bottle of wine she’s ever had (even if she’s got…

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1 thought on “Wine: Is There Such Thing As A Perfect Pairing?

  1. thediybistro

    Sadly, we did a “Pairings” post a couple of months ago when the word was “Choice”, so we’ll have to pass on this one. I’ll try to remember to come back and vote though!


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