A Pairing Dilemma…Bacon S’Mores?

Humble Wine Snob

imageI was invited to participate in a Wine Writing Challenge which you can find hereand the theme is “Pairing.” Pairingisan easy topic for wine as we’re always trying to figure out what wine goes with what food. It’s even gone so far as to pairing wines with movies, moods, colors, and erectile dysfunction (yes, you read it right…check out HoseMaster of Wine’s tongue-in-cheek articlehere). In my case, I had a pairing crisis…

Okay…maybe not really a crisis. No one was bleeding to death, a national disaster wasn’t determined. We were at Bacon Festa couple of weeks ago in Easton, Pennsylvania. There is actually a festival entirely about bacon. Bacon in every form imaginable and even some you can’t. Bacon bloody mary’s, bacon croissants, bacon smoothies, bacon empanadas, bacon bourbon shots, bacon waffles, bacon poutine, bacon ice cream, bacon hats, bacon costumes, bacon themed t-shirts, and so…

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