Pairing flavours (and wine)

Fiona's Favourites

Sometimes ideas for dishes take a while to “brew”.  So it was with last week’s butternut ravioli with burnt sage butter.  Having spent five years at boarding school where Sunday lunch was, without fail, roast chicken with sage and onion stuffing, sage and I were seriously overdone – for about thirty years.  Not long after I started cooking for The Husband, I discovered that he had a similar aversion:  his Mama had only ever stuffed (up) her chicken the same way.  A good start:  at least one thing in common!

There is something quite different about the flavour of dried herbs:  generally they lose most, if not all their flavour.  Sage, it seems (to me, anyway), is the proverbial exception to prove the rule, and all those packaged stuffings just taste of sage and little else.  Not difficult to avoid, as I think I’ve mentioned before!

With this in mind, I…

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