The Sound of Wine – #MWWC21


The Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (MWWC21) theme for this month, chosen by the last winner JVB Uncorked, is Pairing.

wine-stain1-3 PAIRING

When asked to consider the term pairing in relation to wine many will beeline right to the subject of food. But as of late food isn’t the only thing we find ourselves paring wine with. There has been a large amount of tasters, novice and expert, interested in how wine pairs with other topics such as music, art, label design, social surroundings, and more. It seems that people don’t just want to drink for the sake of enjoying a wine as much as they want it to entertain them as well. Are these pairings a sign that we’re trying to make wine more interesting, and if so, when did it get boring? …a valid question, but I digress. These pairings focus on synaesthesia, specifically how our…

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