Pairing Wine with…Other Blogs

the drunken cyclist

I have always tried to think a bit outside the box. I don’t necessarily mean that as a self-aggrandizing compliment as much as a matter of choice. The fact of the matter is, I get bored rather easily. When I am out on a long solo bike ride, for instance, I keep my mind busy by performing square roots in my head. Yes, I could see how you might think that square root calculations are the epitome of boredom, but trust me, it is far more exciting than riding for three hours without an interlocutor.

wine-stain1-3Then there was the time in graduate school at Penn where I was charged with writing an ethnography. We needed to visit the same site for a predetermined minimum number of times and then write about the experience. All of the other students in the class opted to observe a classroom at some level or…

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