I Might Pass This Way Again


Just like you, my husband and I love to visit wineries. Every trip we take, business or pleasure, renders at least a couple stops to taste local wines, even if the region doesn’t produce anything strong. We are interested not only in wine, but in winemakers – what they think about, how they got started, how the run their business.

We need these unromantic, pragmatic reminders that winemaking is a business. An art, a science, a passion, a tradition…but a business. An estate must sell wine to thrive. Granted, in our American road-trip winery visits, we’ve stopped at a few places that make me doubt any money ever changes hands where their bottles are concerned. The lady in the Blue Ridge Mountains who came out of a shed with a pitchfork and a worn-out straw hat covering her eyes? She’d never think to charge for her fruit wines which had…

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