Second Chances at Ehlers Estate

Elizabeth Smith

#MWWC, Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #MWWC, Monthly Wine Writing Challenge

I’ve been struggling with this topic ever since it was announced, which is why I have waited until now to attempt to write about it. It is challenging to narrow down the phrase second chance to a single focus. A second chance can happen every day, in every moment that one chooses to change direction or be someone or something different.

In #MWWC18, I wrote about my crisis, which turned out to be a second chance. I was a community college professor living in Virginia who, after the end of a 24-year teaching career, moved to Napa, California to begin again in the wine business.

Welcome to Ehlers Estate Welcome to Ehlers Estate

After a few months of living and working here, I realized that my career was not what I wanted. While I will always be appreciative of the opportunity and open door that allowed me to follow this path…

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