New Wines from Wineries You Know


new wines

Last summer my husband and I were invited to join friends to roam around an outdoor a car show, part of a Route 66 collection of hundreds of vehicles from all over the country. We don’t know a thing about cars, but on that sticky summer night we learned a few things from talking to the folks we met.

One: They’d go to any length or expense to restore their car the way they wanted it; it might take years and thousands, but they’d do it.  Two: They wanted to be around other car-nuts too; many of them would sit by their cars all night long to admire and talk. Three: They were inspired by the old ways, but they didn’t care for worn out; they craved old but pristine…the car needed to look as if she was in her prime. Four: Looks were definitely not everything; there was always something more impressive and powerful…

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