Vins de Provence–And A New Writer for the Drunken Cyclist

the drunken cyclist

I have been doing this blog for over a year now and there have been several people who have asked to write a guest post. I never really know how to respond to them. I often consider letting them send me copy in order to see if their writing falls in line, more or less, with my style and approach. But then I think “what if it doesn’t?”–then I would be forced to tell them, well, “thanks but no thanks” and I would rather avoid that altogether.

So I do nothing.

Yes, I avoid the situation entirely and just hope they go away.

Well, this past week, a good friend, Ted Slack, accompanied me to a press lunch by the Vins de Provence up in New York. He just quit his job and was looking, frankly, for something to do with his time. Despite his well-known disdain for Provençal rosé…

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