Legends in the Hidden Tasting Room: 4 *NEW* Winemaking Secrets to Share with your Consumers

Wine & Grapes U.

By: Denise M. Gardner

Today, I have decided to write a post related to the “Monthly Wine Writing Challenge” (MWWC) competition (#MWWC23), to address the current theme, “New.”  The idea is to write a piece related to wine that expresses the current theme.  After the closing date, YOU can go and vote (March 8 – 14, 2016) on the winning pieces associated with the MWWC.  You can find all the rules and ways to vote via “the drunken cyclist” blog site, by clicking here.

It’s no secret anymore that sulfur dioxide (sulfites) are in every wine, and sniffing a cork at a restaurant may not be socially acceptable (or required).  But what don’t many consumers know about wine production?  So here is my attempt to write something wine production related that could also be of interest to wine consumers, enthusiasts, and tasters: New winemaking “secrets” revealed… and why we…

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