MWWC#23: New

The Wine Raconteur

“It’s time to make the doughnuts.”

Chad of (Un)Common Grape was the winner of the last Wine Writers Challenge and he had the honor of selecting the theme of this challenge and the word is “new.” I immediately thought of the quote that I opened up with, which was the tagline for a doughnut company’s television advertisement back in the 1980’s and the song lyrics “everything old is new again.”

wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge

“New” is rather unique for the theme and as always I tend to ponder these challenges for some time, as they flow differently then my usual writings. I tend to write these articles, as I self-proclaim is a non-technical report. To me, new is the deadline that I think of as I write these articles. It is finding something that I think will be interesting as to why I was enjoying the glass of wine. Almost anything can be the…

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