Orange Wines: Sometimes, the Best New Things are Old*

The Armchair Sommelier

orangeLast Friday night I attended a seminar on Orange Wines (no relation to actual oranges) with enologist, Charles Gendrot.  It was held at one of my local wine shops, Cork & Fork.
I normally shun Friday night commitments, because by Friday night, I’m plum out of steam.  As such, Friday night is sweatpants and gin & tonic night — and I’m selective about the things for which I give up sweatpants and gin & tonic night.  But, I promised myself (in my New-Year’s-Wine-Goals-that-aren’t-resolutions) that I would step out of my wine comfort zone and try new-to-me wines.  Orange wines didn’t make my original wine goals list, so I’m adding them retroactively — just so I can cross them off the list.  I do that sometimes.  Don’t judge. Crossing things off a list is very satisfying.

On to the seminar.

Monsieur Gendrot is French.  I know this because of his

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