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The pleasure is all wine


“Wine … changing even as we taste it, delivers a message with meaning only in our response. If we are in the right key when we receive it, our eyes will shine and we shall radiate pleasure.”

Gerald Asher, The Pleasures of Wine

Few wine lovers would disagree with Gerald Asher’s analysis of the pleasure that we derive from drinking wine; to truly relish and savour a good wine we need to be in the appropriate “key”. The right food, the right company (or absence of, perhaps!), the right atmosphere, and so on. A memorable wine may well transform an otherwise unremarkable evening, but those wine moments that give us most pleasure and the most vivid memories occur when all these unpredictable elements combine in a unique scenario which could never be fully replicated. When this happens we enter “the right key” and we are moved to respond to a…

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Mixing Business with Pleasure


It’s that time of the month again – Monthly Wine Writing Challenge! And the theme chosen by the winner of last month, Ted from the Drunken Cyclist, is “pleasure” so enough of the preamble and on with the innuendo…


Everyone has a day job. Some enjoy theirs more than others. Quite the understatement as the continuum of job satisfaction is broad and the reasons why infinite. One of the greatest pleasures one can derive from life other than the relationships you establish with family and friends, is building a purposeful career in a field that you are passionate about. I have had the good fortune to be inspired by close friends who have connected their passions with a purpose.

Some people struggle to do so, others fall into it quite easily (lucky bastards!) I especially commend those with the courage to pull the rip cord and jump regardless of what others think, say or envy of…

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Pleasure: What Feels Good

Elizabeth Smith

#MWWC24, Monthly Wine Writing Challenge 24 #MWWC24, Monthly Wine Writing Challenge 24

Organizing your life around what feels good is the single wisest choice you can make. ~ Kate Northrup

For me, the word pleasure goes beyond the sensual and sexual meaning. It means being happy, content, satisfied, and joyful. For about four years, I have been following a path to more joy and less discontent. I have become impatient with accepting what is and more actively pursuing what makes me happy. Life is too short to settle for less.

Hosting Dallas Wine Chick at Ehlers Estate (photo credit: Dallas Wine Chick) Hosting Dallas Wine Chick at Ehlers Estate (photo credit: Dallas Wine Chick)

When I first started writing about wine, I had no idea what I was doing. I began writing because I had become interested in wine after a “wine moment” in 2008 and participated in online Twitter tastings for about two years. After a while, I felt like I owed more to the wineries who…

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Monoco: Passport to Pleasure


Before a trip, people often ask, ” Are you traveling for business or pleasure?”. If your business is pleasure, you go to Monaco.

MES Real D'Or-003 Credit: Château Real d’Or

My recent trip to Monaco was a Monte Carlo stop on a short road trip from the Alpilles region in Provence for a weekend in the Italian Riviera (also, highly pleasurable). The weather in Provence was glorious that morning and we envisioned a late lunch at a seaside café, a flutter around The Principality, maybe a glass of wine before shoving off to Italy before dark.

By the time we’d paid the tolls (bring change) and parked the car (not for the unskilled) the sky had taken on dense grey clouds. Not rain, not unpleasant weather, just not beach weather. We fluttered and window shopped, popped into a hotel to admire the pool, then decided to get that bite to east. We’d…

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MWWC#24: Pleasure

The Wine Raconteur

“Ya got pleasure Folks! Right here in River City, pleasure with a capital ‘P’ and that rhymes with ‘V’ and that stands for Vino.”

It is certainly a fact that Meredith Wilson did not write those words for Professor Harold Hill, but we have another entry for the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. The last Challenge was won by Ted who contributed an article for The Drunken Cyclist and  as his reward he has suggested the next theme and that theme is “pleasure.”

wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge

If there is anything I know about is the pleasure of enjoying wine. Not to blow my own horn, but anyone that has endured my writing for any period of time will realize that is all I write about. Some may even question the sanity of my writing, as I meander around and finally get to the wine. If I was writing newspaper articles, I would probably be…

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Please Bring Me My Wine: Taking Pleasure In Taking Pleasure

We have our first entry into this month’s Challenge (#MWWC24) from Please Bring Me My Wine!

You can check out the post here:

Please Bring Me My Wine: Taking Pleasure In Taking Pleasure

Thanks for another great post!