MWWC#24: Pleasure

The Wine Raconteur

“Ya got pleasure Folks! Right here in River City, pleasure with a capital ‘P’ and that rhymes with ‘V’ and that stands for Vino.”

It is certainly a fact that Meredith Wilson did not write those words for Professor Harold Hill, but we have another entry for the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. The last Challenge was won by Ted who contributed an article for The Drunken Cyclist and  as his reward he has suggested the next theme and that theme is “pleasure.”

wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge

If there is anything I know about is the pleasure of enjoying wine. Not to blow my own horn, but anyone that has endured my writing for any period of time will realize that is all I write about. Some may even question the sanity of my writing, as I meander around and finally get to the wine. If I was writing newspaper articles, I would probably be…

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