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MWWC#25: Travel

The Wine Raconteur

“Wherever we go what ever we do.
We’re gonna go through it together.
We may not go far, but sure as a star
Wherever we are its together.”

A little classic traveling lyrics to herald in the next installment of the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge and we are now up to the twenty-fifth challenge. The last winner of the Challenge was Loie of Cheap Wine Curious and her dubious honor was to select the next theme and it is “travel.” One of the most enjoyable parts of the Challenges is that it tends to get us out of our usual writing styles and to make us try our hand at something different. Of course raconteurs are always up to the challenge of being long-winded and rambling.

wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge

My Bride and I are basically parochial in our travels, and that is really my fault, as she has been to the continent and…

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Have Wine? Will Travel!

The Epicurious Texan

This month’s wine writing challenge is TRAVEL, as selected by last month’s winner: the hilarious and enlightening Loie of Cheap Wine Curious.

wine stain

Of course, my first thought was to write about Napa, the first place I traveled for wine–but then I remembered I’ve already written about my trip and since I haven’t had the chance to go back, there’s nothing new to report.


Then I thought about allllllll the places in France and Italy I passed through many, many moons (aka decades) ago that I’d love to go back and visit now that I have a true appreciation for the beauty and intricacies of champagnes and burgundies and amarones (ohmy!)–but then I realized that this post may never end.

So then I thought about all the amazing Texas Hill Country wineries around where I grew up, which seemed apropos since I’m traveling (see what I did there?) down there…

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Will Travel for Wine


l'occasion passport

L’occasion Passport: what it means to me to move around the world to taste wine and meet winemakers.

Contagious: The Travel Bug

One of my early wine tasting trips was to a little town in Northwestern Illinois called Galena. Galena is one of those delightful spots, with a historical downtown, a river view, lots of charm. Ulysses S. Grant and his wife lived there (their home is open for tours). Nearby there are excellent golf courses, sweet villages, a “territory” of luxury rental homes…enough to make this town a tourist attraction. There are also lovely restaurants and bachelorette-party-worthy nightlife.

And did I mention that there’s a winery? Galena Cellars operates an adorable, bustling tasting room right at the heart of the historic town center and winery tasting and tours a few miles out in Midwest farm country. Galena Cellars is run by the Lawlor Family. Their winemaker, Christine Lawlor-White has been honored as…

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