The Veuve Clicquot Tour – #MWWC 25

The Food and Wine Hedonist

How convenient is this? I’m right smack in the middle of posts about our recent trip to Paris and Amsterdam and the theme for the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #25 is TRAVEL.



MWWC started a couple years ago to promote wine writing (duh) and I had a couple entries near the beginning.    Despite my writing a post with a semi-nude Sarah McLachlan and monkeys doing disgusting things,   Jeff the Drunken Cyclist keeps goading me on to participate.   I think he secretly wants to see what levels of depravity I’m willing to sink to.

Not this time, Jeff …

I know you’re dying to know about what kind of hijinx one of the world’s greatest hedonists – moi – got into in one of the world’s greatest cities for hedonists – Amsterdam.    I couldn’t wait to find out, too.   But first there was some wine to…

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