Will Travel for Wine


l'occasion passport

L’occasion Passport: what it means to me to move around the world to taste wine and meet winemakers.

Contagious: The Travel Bug

One of my early wine tasting trips was to a little town in Northwestern Illinois called Galena. Galena is one of those delightful spots, with a historical downtown, a river view, lots of charm. Ulysses S. Grant and his wife lived there (their home is open for tours). Nearby there are excellent golf courses, sweet villages, a “territory” of luxury rental homes…enough to make this town a tourist attraction. There are also lovely restaurants and bachelorette-party-worthy nightlife.

And did I mention that there’s a winery? Galena Cellars operates an adorable, bustling tasting room right at the heart of the historic town center and winery tasting and tours a few miles out in Midwest farm country. Galena Cellars is run by the Lawlor Family. Their winemaker, Christine Lawlor-White has been honored as…

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