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Wine Flight


IMG_2048Welcome aboard! Fasten your seat belts and secure your belongings. Before takingoff, I would like to share someannouncements about our flight. First,I had the great honor of selecting the theme “travel” after winning the #MWWC24, which was a lovely surprise. Thanks to all who voted for my post and continue to encourage my jack-assery. Secondly, some passengers may consider this theme broad and possibly unimaginative, but I selfishly stuck with it because of my enchantment with those tiny, precious bottles of wine served on airplane flights. A recent spate of coast to coast “travel” fueled me to share myinflight wine experiences. Not only has this been an idle curiosity of mine, but ultimately it should be useful information. After all, I am a pragmatic wino. Lastly, please remain seated asthere could besome turbulence in mywine reviews. I may have takenmy low standards even lower as I came to realizethat a…

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