Alone in a Crowd #MWWC26

Appetite for Wine

I Only Drink Alone or With Others

Solitude. Wine. Solitude and wine. At first glance, those two words don’t seem to go together. Isn’t wine meant to be enjoyed in the company of others; friends and loved ones? Of course it is! And don’t they say drinking alone is a sign you might have a problem?

Yes, they do, but what do they know? And just who are “they,” anyway? “They” are everywhere, telling us what we should and should not be doing. “They” aren’t very fun at all. But I digress.Monthly Wine Writing Challenge

This is my entry for the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge, #MWWC26. As last month’s winner, Beth, the Traveling Wine Chick, had the honor of selecting this month’s theme. And she chose “solitude.” Challenge. Accepted.

This month’s theme was announced on the first day of my 30-day trip to Québec City. It turned out to be a timely announcement. Québec City is in…

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