Inside Out, Upside Down – MWWC#27


mwwc-badge1Below is my entrance into the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #27. This is really only the beginning of a story.  If folks think it has merit, I will continue. Writing stories is not the norm for me, so I’m turning things on their head, so to speak, for #MWWC27.

Chapter One

It had been another long day making calls, fielding calls and staying on message. That’s your beat when you work PR for a national trade association, and Patrick loved it. The job was a jealous lover, though, and left little room for any others. As he made his way home late yet again, he was looking forward to a relaxed evening. Maybe he’d continue his binge-watching with a couple of episodes of DaVinci’s Demons or listen to some tunes while enjoying a glass or two of his favorite inexpensive Zinfandel.

After a quick dinner of leftovers – his…

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