#MWWC27: Bubbles, Toil, and Trouble

The Swirling Dervish

MWWC LogoWhen I first saw the topic for September’s Monthly Wine Writing Challenge, my mind went immediately to the obvious:  Champagne and the other sparkling wines that we break out for celebrations, big and small.  But, I thought, that won’t be too original.  Come up with something – anything – else.  So I sat and thought about it for a while, letting my mind wander wherever it wanted.  Maybe inspiration would strike, and something eloquent and unique would flow from my pen.

What does “bubble” mean?  For someone who lives in South Florida, Las Vegas, or Arizona, the word is likely to evoke memories of the 2008 recession, when real estate values in those markets took a beating, and many people lost the equity they had built up in their homes or, perhaps, even the homes, themselves.  (Have you seen last year’s hit, “The Big Short?”)  While the economy in general…

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