Why Not Just Smile?

the drunken cyclist

This is my entry to this month’s Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC28). True to form, I submit this right before the deadline, which is tonight at midnight.

I started this blog back in January, 2012 and since then my following has steadily grown. Perhaps as a result, I have been invited on a few press trips this year (Oregon, Mezzacorona [Italy], and Provence [France]). All three of the trips had several aspects in common: they were well run, I met a slew of great people, and they provided plenty of fodder for this blog (yes, there are stories coming—I promise!). Yet none of that really surprised me all that much.wine-stain1-3

There was, however, one commonality that did surprise the heck out of me. On each of the three trips, at least two of the other journalists approached me and asked (with very little deviation):

“Have all your press trips been…

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