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My Wine Story-#MWWC29


If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ve heard it before. My apologies for the redundancy, but when you get a few minutes to join the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge with a topic already partially prewritten, you jump on it.

How do I love wine?

Let me count the ways.

How did I begin loving wine?

Let me count the ways.

Was it a college boyfriend? His Cornell Oenology class opened his eyes, he opened mine.

Was it my first trip to Italy? The obligatory jugs at every meal gave way to long chats in a narrow enoteca in Assisi, comparing bottles.

Those were preludes to a visit to Sonoma. The first time my eyes were truly opened was in Kenwood, the barnwood walls and doors seemed to draw closer, the only people in the room were me and my tasting attendant. “Yes, I smell blueberry. Wow, that completely changes the…

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MWWC #29: My Winestory

The Epicurious Texan

In this month’s wine writing challenge, John of Pairs With: Life challenged us to tell our Winestory, aka what lead us down the path of awesomeness that is wine writing.  Technically, I just dabble in the wine writing while drinking a lot, but here goes:

wine stain

Picture it: Fredericksburg, Texas 1994.  I was home from college for Thanksgiving break and a job opportunity presented itself.  My cousin had been offered a job at a local wine tasting room and declined because she was working at a winery (Grape Creek Vineyards) at the time.  She told me to go apply.  Having fell in love with red wine from the Riojas just the year before (read all about it here!), I marched (okay, drove….around the block 4 times looking for a parking spot) down to said wine tasting room and asked about the job.  My interview went something like this:  have you…

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At the Corner of Wine and Writing (#MWWC29: My Winestory)

The Armchair Sommelier

redness-1I’m the Armchair Sommelier.  I assigned myself that moniker four years ago, when I first started blogging.  I wanted to be a sommelier, but I lacked any kind of real wine credential.  Here it is, four years later, and I’ve earned a first (and, knock on wood, a second) wine credential.  But I’ve also had a wine epiphany:

I don’t want to be a sommelier.

Yep, you read that right.

Let me explain . . .

This is my entry in the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC29).  The theme this month is Winestory.  It was chosen by last month’s winner, John of Pairs With: Life.  We’re supposed to answer Yoda’s question to Luke Skywalker: “I am wondering … why are you here?”  You know, at the corner of Wine and Writing.

I fell in love with wine over a quarter-century ago (wait, that makes me sound really old, let’s just go…

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Her #WineStory Welcome Alexandria #MWWC29


For the 29th Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC29) on the theme WineStory, I submit the WineStory of our just born baby.

My wife and I had different plans for Election Day. Those plans involved drinking Champagne.  Instead, our baby was coming.  Even the local paper announced, “Today’s The Day”:


I dropped my wife off at the hospital at 10am to settle in. However, on Monday I had made a last minute sale of Pinot Noir.  It had to be delivered today. So, I ran to our warehouse, picked up twenty cases, blasted to town, dropped them off, then blasted back to the hospital.  My coworkers thought I was mad.  But I made it by noon, just before her water broke and contractions ramped up. After seven hours of strain, stress, and cherry popsicles, Alexandria came into the world.

baby-alexandria Plotting our sleep deprivation…

A girl!  We did not know the gender beforehand. Now, Champagne was the last thing…

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My Winestory – #MWWC29

Appetite for Wine

I can’t say exactly when I had my first taste of wine. As a child, Sunday dinner was a formal affair. We’d come home from church and change out of our “Sunday” clothes, only to dress again that evening for dinner. I clearly remember pot roast. Lots of pot roast. I also remember wine. My parents always served my sister and me a small glass of wine with Sunday dinner. I’m sure it was no more than an ounce or two. I assume that started around age 11 or 12. Mind you, this was wine from a jug, from one of the fine estates of E&J Gallo, Almaden, or Carlo Rossi, but wine it was.

Skip ahead a few years to junior high. In health class we studied a unit on alcohol, including a section on alcohol abuse and alcoholism. In one lesson, we took a quiz and to my…

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