At the Corner of Wine and Writing (#MWWC29: My Winestory)

The Armchair Sommelier

redness-1I’m the Armchair Sommelier.  I assigned myself that moniker four years ago, when I first started blogging.  I wanted to be a sommelier, but I lacked any kind of real wine credential.  Here it is, four years later, and I’ve earned a first (and, knock on wood, a second) wine credential.  But I’ve also had a wine epiphany:

I don’t want to be a sommelier.

Yep, you read that right.

Let me explain . . .

This is my entry in the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC29).  The theme this month is Winestory.  It was chosen by last month’s winner, John of Pairs With: Life.  We’re supposed to answer Yoda’s question to Luke Skywalker: “I am wondering … why are you here?”  You know, at the corner of Wine and Writing.

I fell in love with wine over a quarter-century ago (wait, that makes me sound really old, let’s just go…

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