Her #WineStory Welcome Alexandria #MWWC29


For the 29th Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC29) on the theme WineStory, I submit the WineStory of our just born baby.

My wife and I had different plans for Election Day. Those plans involved drinking Champagne.  Instead, our baby was coming.  Even the local paper announced, “Today’s The Day”:


I dropped my wife off at the hospital at 10am to settle in. However, on Monday I had made a last minute sale of Pinot Noir.  It had to be delivered today. So, I ran to our warehouse, picked up twenty cases, blasted to town, dropped them off, then blasted back to the hospital.  My coworkers thought I was mad.  But I made it by noon, just before her water broke and contractions ramped up. After seven hours of strain, stress, and cherry popsicles, Alexandria came into the world.

baby-alexandria Plotting our sleep deprivation…

A girl!  We did not know the gender beforehand. Now, Champagne was the last thing…

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